Recipe: Ginger Lemon Switchel

MotherBees VillageSep 26, '18

This ‘Labor-Aid’ or Ginger Lemonade Switchel — is an all-natural, old-world Gatorade that has been sipped for centuries by toiling farmers. Its properties can help revitalize a laboring woman through the passage, giving her the energy she needs to make it through.

Seasonal Medicine

MotherBees VillageSep 13, '18

As we move into a new season, and if you’re in Los Angeles, 100+ temperatures feel like they’ll never let up, paying even closer attention to the foods hitting the farmers markets can be a good way to connect with Earth’s shifting relationship to the Sun. Fresh jujubes or red dates, a round fruit with edible skin is in abundance in the autumn.

Your Gassy Baby: it's not your fault!

MotherBees VillageSep 13, '18

So often in our culture, gassiness in babies is attributed to the mother’s actions: we’re immediately directed to examine what we’ve eaten that may have made its way through the bloodstream into the breastmilk. To relieve the stressful discomfort of the babe, we tear apart our diet, cutting out pleasures left, right, and center— spicy food, ginger, garlic, leafy greens. What is actually a newborn’s process of self-regulating and developing their digestive system becomes yet another reason for a woman to self-blame, feel guilty, and control.

Massage those Mammaries

MotherBees VillageAug 21, '18

Breast massage is a beautiful self-care ritual that is increasingly recommended by maternal health workers as a preventative and restorative practice to be performed daily by women in all stages of life.

Ginger and Menstruation

MotherBees VillageAug 21, '18

Ginger is immensely beneficial to women across the childbearing spectrum—from pre-conception to pregnancy, through the postpartum period and into motherhood. This strong and spicy root, used for centuries in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, is often thought of in relation to relieving nausea and aiding digestion, but we can also think of ginger as one of the key ways to create warmth in the body, which stimulates and circulates the blood flow.