Motherhood's Journey: We're Here for Every Twist & Turn

From Aspiring to Deep in Motherhood, We’ve Got You Covered


I became a first-time mom at 43 and have been diving into the beauty and challenge of it all. MotherBees has given me a dedicated space to share my struggles (sleep deprivation! Relationship challenges! Juggling work and babycare!) and connect with other mothers at all stages of the journey. Each week I sink into the wise guidance of Marisa, Heng, and their amazing guest speakers and feel welcomed into a group of women who are all going through it in their own way. I have permission to come exactly as I am, messy and unedited, and know that I will be held.

— Annie

I was immediately excited about the possibility of being in a supportive group environment with Heng Ou & Marisa Belger, as I've LOVED the wisdom and truth in the series of meaningful books that have helped me begin to understand so much about preparing for motherhood that is not acknowledged in Western medical provider's offices. In addition to the safe virtual space that's been created and interesting presenters who've broadened my understanding of the ways to continuously orient to my body, mind and soul well being, I've enjoyed the vulnerability of mothers circling in this group. Additionally, both Heng & Marisa have made me feel that my journey is deeply empathized with and that they are with me, continuously.

— Kelly

After the oh-so-common "superwoman complex" drove me to exhaustion and illness following my first pregnancy, I decided I deserved a better experience the second time around, as did my baby, my toddler, and my husband. But I wasn't sure how exactly to pull it off. The First Forty Days provides a great overview of how traditional cultures the world over have honored and helped to restore new mothers following childbirth, while maintaining an open-eyed perspective on what is realistic in many western cultures today.

— Allana

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