Ordinary Magic of Tea

Ordinary Magic of Tea

During the traditional Chinese zuo yuezi or ‘sitting the month’ tradition, a wellness regime devoted to the particular needs of the post-partum woman, sipping tea is one of the first ways to warm the now vacant womb and preserve the vitality of the body far into old age. Wise women across traditions have drawn from plant wisdom to serve the new mother: steeping roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, and weeds in purified water to encourage lactation, ease digestion, deeply energize, and calm.

In the Japanese tradition of chanoyu, literally to boil ‘hot water for tea’, practitioners create ceremonial art out of what is a rather ordinary task. Mindfully performing one action at a time, hot water is boiled, beautiful objects are appreciatively cleaned, and finely-ground green tea powder or matcha is whisked with energy from the gut. The finished bowl of tea is first offered to the elemental forces above, before being completely enjoyed by the drinker.

Whether you are still in retreat with your newborn babe, have ventured back to work, or are seeking a new path on which to make your contribution, there are times when it feels like everything is too much. Carving out the time and space— even for just five minutes at your kitchen table—to focus your attention on a cup of tea can open the psychic space you need to remember your highest self.

At MotherBees we offer a tea package with three blends of organically sourced blossoms, leaves, and barks with healing properties especially for the childbearing woman and mother. Take a look, and see.
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