MotherBees Loves: Inclusive Children’s Books

MotherBees Loves: Inclusive Children’s Books

lgbtq inclusive childrens books

MotherBees Loves: Inclusive Children’s Books

Representation matters, starting at our earliest exposures to books and media. Even for pre-verbal children, the characters, illustrations, and language in the books we read to our children create our earliest social connections, identity development, and establishment of “norms.” 

A rich library of books featuring diverse and inclusive characters and storylines helps children of all backgrounds see themselves (and their families) in stories, and opens children’s minds to characters, settings, and situations outside of their own bubbles, which helps nurture early development of compassion and empathy. 

In a society where a disturbing number of people are currently trying to ban books that share inclusive, diverse, socially progressive concepts, we at MotherBees are proud to share our favorite LGBTQIA+ inclusive kids books for ages 0-7, just in time for Pride month.

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