About Us

At MotherBees we believe that it’s impossible to care for anyone else without first tending to yourself.

Our story began as a small food delivery service, where founder Heng Ou created handcrafted, nutrient-dense dishes in her kitchen and set them on the doorsteps of new mothers across Los Angeles. We have since transformed into a global hive of connection and inspiration for women and their families.

This golden thread of women-centric care extends outward through our series of books—The First Forty Days, Awakening Fertility, and the next member of the family (focusing on pregnancy and birth) launching Spring 2022—through our growing community of readers, healers and practitioners, and through our expanding retail line of healing ingredients. 

Together we support women as they navigate every season of their lives, from the conception journey, to pregnancy and birth, in the early weeks postpartum, through motherhood, into menopause, and beyond. Our philosophy is rooted in the power of food to nurture and revitalize. Experience has shown us that when a warm cup of soup is placed into the hands of a hungry woman the ripples of love she experiences will touch everyone in her orbit. 

With love,
the MotherBees team