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About Us

We support the mother first—nourishing and uplifting her at every stage of the childbearing journey.

MotherBees was born as a small food delivery service in a home kitchen, where our founder, Heng Ou, created handcrafted dishes and delivered them to the doorsteps of new mothers across Los Angeles. Today, we're proud to have transformed into a global hive of connection, experiences, and nourishment for women and their families.

This golden thread of women-centric care is woven through our series of books and into our collection of foods and supplements. Everything we do is designed to support women, from Awakening Fertility through The First Forty Days after giving birth, and all the years beyond.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that inspired, honest content will empower a woman to make choices that are best for herself and her family. We also have a steadfast faith in the power of food to nurture and revitalize.

Never underestimate the impact of a hot cup of soup placed in the hands of a hungry mother. The ripples of love she experiences will touch everyone in her orbit.

Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to supporting you along your path to motherhood!

With love,
The MotherBees


Heng is the author of 'The First Forty Days' and 'Awakening Fertility'. She is also the founder of MotherBees, a concept birthed after the arrival of her third child. After her first childbirth, she practiced 'zuo yuezi', a traditional Chinese approach to postpartum care, a ritual passed down to her by a cherished aunt.

Deeply moved by the rejuvenating power of this practice, Heng felt compelled to make this ritual more accessible to a broader audience. Anchored in her belief that nourishment goes beyond mere food, Heng's philosophy of care aims to nurture the soul, wellbeing, and heart. By weaving modern adaptations into 'zuo yuezi', she is championing contemporary in-home postpartum care in Los Angeles and virtual experiences for mindful mothers, leading to the establishment of MotherBees.

Heng, a mother of three, comes from a lineage of acupuncturists, herbalists, and healers.

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