Because Your Voice, Wellness, & Family Matters.

Empowering, feeding, and nourishing you from the inside out.

For years, we've been nourishing expectant, pregnant, and new moms - now we're feeding the whole family.

Browse our three best-selling books, each lovingly developed to support women at every stage of the journey through motherhood.

Nourishing and shelf-stable staples to bring more flavor, efficiency, and ease to your busy days.

MB Meals: for the Well-Fed Family

Convenient and nourishing MotherBees-approved meals, ready to heat and eat.
Life is hard. Let’s make healthy eating easy.
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Our Newest Addition: Nine Golden Months

Nine Golden Months is a pregnant woman's companion to alternative care as she navigates the journey into motherhood. Through its practical advice, wise philosophy, and holistic recipes, this book's 40 weeks of self-care can lead to countless years of improved wellness, presence, self-discovery, and joy!

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MB Updates

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Meet MotherBees

MotherBees is a hive of ancient wisdom, traditional practices, and modern efficiency — built to nourish and nurture today's parents and their growing families.

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