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Empowering, feeding, and nourishing you from the inside out.

For years, we've been nourishing expectant, pregnant, and new moms - now we're feeding the whole family.

Browse our three best-selling books, each lovingly developed to support women at every stage of the journey through motherhood.

Nourishing and shelf-stable staples to bring more flavor, efficiency, and ease to your busy days.

MB (MotherBees) Meals: for the Well-Fed Family

Convenient and nourishing MotherBees-approved meals, ready to heat and eat.
Life is hard. Let’s make healthy eating easy.
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Our Newest Addition: Nine Golden Months

Nine Golden Months is a pregnant woman's companion to alternative care as she navigates the journey into motherhood. Through its practical advice, wise philosophy, and holistic recipes, this book's 40 weeks of self-care can lead to countless years of improved wellness, presence, self-discovery, and joy!

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MotherBees Updates

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Meet MotherBees

MotherBees is a hive of ancient wisdom, traditional practices, and modern efficiency — built to nourish and nurture today's parents and their growing families.

About Us

Our Hive Is Inclusive

Our name is MotherBees, but we wish to acknowledge that modern families come in all shapes, sizes, and situations. While we may defer to she/her pronouns often, we also want to intentionally extend a warm invitation to everyone who gives birth and raises families to join us here. Whatever your role in the family or how you identify, you belong in our Hive. We're glad to know you! 

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