Postpartum Moms | LA

Postpartum Moms | LA

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Postpartum Food | LA

Nourishment for new mama

Discover the heart and soul of MotherBees with our specially crafted nourishment jars. Created by Heng Ou, author and founder, these jars are brimming with foods that heal and nurture during your postpartum period, continuing our tradition of personal care, one mom at a time.

What’s Included:

  • 12 jars (16 oz each, providing 2 servings) of assorted nourishing foods including Nourishing Broth, Comforting Congee, Warming Kitchari, Hearty Beef Stew, Berry Oats, Replenishing Oat Milk (review ingredients)
  • The 12 jars are designed to last 3-4 days, providing you with continuous nourishment
  • Convenient doorstep delivery on Wednesdays
  •  Get this bundle for $350, delivery included. Please order at least 4 days in advance

Weekly Limited Orders | For Los Angeles Moms

Join Heng Ou as she extends this deeply personal service to a limited number of moms each week. The initial weeks of motherhood are a blend of joy and challenges. Let our nourishment jars ease your journey, ensuring you are well-fed with minimal fuss.

Reserve your spot early—spaces fill up quickly. Whether you're gifting these jars to a new mother or treating yourself, ensure well-being during this precious time.

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