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Let's get to know Julie Hovsepian. Wise Woman Herbalist bringing joy and healing in a Golden State.
Tell us a little about yourself and how you bring the ancient wisdom of herbalism into today's world.
I was born & raised in Los Angeles to Armenian immigrant parents - within a foundationally centered around food and communal gathering. I was in the entertainment industry for most of my career. Then my life began to swerve in many new directions to embrace and awaken to deep healing and what it means to pay attention to your body as your vessel and compass. When I began to study herbalism, it was a full embrace from my mind & body of remembering of lifetimes of practice that felt like the most exciting reunion. I was taught in the Wise Woman Healing tradition, which is about understanding how Mother Earth, our local plants, trees, flowers, are here to support us in deeply nourishing ways. My medicine making is a very intuitive & sacred experience for me. I love to be able to language and introduce our oldest and most trusted forms of medicine to people like me, who didn’t grow up with it as a part of their daily health practices, but who ultimately feel that resonance within their body of a way that feels like a much more elevated vibrational healing experience.  
We've been talking about food being a vehicle for love, healing, and intention. Do you feel herbal medicine can do the same? And how can we align with it?
Yes, absolutely! That’s such a fun and significant part of it for me, to really consciously acknowledge the herbs for their medicine and support with each use. Really bringing a moment of presence to whatever herb(s) you are working with and acknowledging the relationship that we are choosing for healing together. Our thoughts are so powerful, our intentions are so powerful, and we have the power to really affect our healing journey. As with anything else we put in our bodies, to take a moment and really feel what nature has given us to help us is so special and that alone is enough for some people to begin to shift.
Which ultimately has led me to slowly fold these offerings into my regular family gatherings and to spark little shifts of more healthful meals for more healthful minds/bodies.
What does gratitude mean to you?
Gratitude is such an important part of our healing and health. It allows us to stay in a higher vibration and genuinely connect to some thing in our life - no matter how small, that we can energetically root into feeling joyful about. That then allows us to be in higher alignment with whatever it is we are striving for in our lives, remembering that it’s the same energy and frequency as love. My current gratitude practice is to lay in bed for a few moments right before I open my eyes each morning, and to just say a handful of things I am grateful for in that moment, and then open my eyes to begin my day from that space.
Do you have a recommendation for being balanced during the holidays? Calm, Cool & Protected?
I have so many but my top 4 right now would be:
1) I am really big on an easy meditation practice - just a few mins of sitting still, focusing on your breath to help ground your body, just always makes such a big difference in our state of mind.
2) Spending as much time taking walks outside in nature in a present way, alone or with loved ones.
3) I highly recommend a digital detox (even if it’s just for 4 hours or up to 24 hours) of putting your phone/computer away and allowing your body to reset.
4) One of my herbal products that I am so proud of is a tincture called Calm, Cool & Protected - it was created to calm and ground our adrenal and nervous systems with the intention to help energetically sensitive people feel safe to fully bloom while creating healthy protective boundaries - with the support of these high vibrational botanicals: holy basil, oatstraw, linden, ashwaganda and rose. It's ideal for use just as you are feeling stress or anxiousness in your body.
Where can we find you and connect?
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