Transparency + Sanitation + Delivery

As you know transparency is very important to us here at MotherBees. We learn & evolve together. Here are some of the intentional rituals we have incorporated to ensure the health & safety of our team, delivery partners, local suppliers & you.

Your food is carefully prepared as always in our clean, balanced, sacred kitchen space. No one outside the MotherBees team is permitted entry while we are all living through the current health crisis. This is a key card entry only facility.

Sanitation and hygiene are our priority.
Our team wears protective gear at all times; including hairnet, head wrap, mask, gloves, professionally cleaned smocks, aprons & shoes do not leave our facility.

We sterilize all reusable glass packaging at over 240F for 30+ minutes. This is our normal & well above any available health & safety standards. We appreciate glass bottle & jar returns as we bow to mother Earth & our glass suppliers are not as able to fully meet our needs at this time.

Contact-Free Delivery.
For your peace of mind & our drivers', our delivery team will happily notify you by text message when your order is delivered.

Get in touch with our support team if you wish to make changes to your previous delivery instruction. support(@)

How we continue to collectively support our local farmers.
We stand by our mission to support regenerative agriculture - pandemic or not. When you order through MotherBees, you are connecting with & supporting farmers in your local food system. Together we are casting an ever more powerful vote for the vibrant health of our loved ones, our local economy and the planet we share. Evidence shows that organic, farm-fresh is more nutrient dense and safer over-all. We’ve made huge waves of change in the years we've partnered in this effort & we need even more evolution in the times to come. Thank you for joining us.

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