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The MotherBees team is thrilled to introduce…MB Meals: for the well-fed family

MB Meals: Mindfully curated meals to deeply nourish you and your family with minimal effort, for maximum wellness.

For years, it has been our honor to provide you with nourishing recipes in our books. But busy families on the go — especially expecting and new mothers — deserve healthy meals that require minimal planning and virtually no prep.

We’ve heard your demand for convenient, ready-to-heat, MotherBees-approved meals, and it is our honor to provide!

Our team consulted with expert nutritionists, doulas, and farmers who specialize in pre-and-postpartum wellness to mindfully source seasonal ingredients and curate meals that deeply nourish you and your family.

1. Each ingredient selected for our meals has a ​​function, a story, and a healing element.
2. Each meal is a heartfelt expression of love, nourishment, and wishes for wellbeing.

We partnered with talented chefs and restaurants who have crafted highly delicious, nutritious, and convenient heat-and-eat meal plans and menus, especially for the MotherBees community, to ensure that you and your family are well-fed with wholesome, nutrient-dense, well-rounded ingredients, and clean, delicious flavors.

Get yours started now, and be fed by the care and love of MotherBees with MB Meals: for the well-fed family

Review our FAQ here.

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