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MotherBees has been a tremendous service to a dear friend who lives in Los Angeles. I wanted her to feel like I was by her side every day after she gave birth, so I had MotherBees deliver fresh, delicious and healthy food right to her doorstep. She loved every bite. Now that her baby is eating solids, MotherBees is providing fresh food to her baby as well. I cannot thank MotherBees enough for the impeccable service and care they provided. I'm a big fan!
Singer and Songwriter, Jewel
We've always supported Heng and MotherBees since she started the business in 2010. Both Ricki and I know first hand how important it is to have healthful food after birth. While making our documentary, The Business of Being Born, we were fortunate to connect with a lot of wonderful resources like MotherBees. MotherBees is helping so many women and as most women would say…"I wish I had MotherBees when I had my baby!
Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, Executive Producers and Director of The Business of Being Born
I am not a healthy person in my pre-baby life. I am a stay up late eating twizzlers and drinking coke to get my work finished girl. But MotherBees won me over so wholeheartedly (from the lovely presentation, great customer service and yummy food itself) that I now crave their nourishing chicken soup or congee or stuffed sweet potato the way I used to jones for a candy bar. Me and my baby are rosy cheeked and happy and I think MotherBees has more than a little to do with that.
Dearest Heng,
My apologies for the email being forwarded to you by my mom. As I write. I have my son sleeping and drinking in my arms; so I type one-handed.
Heng, I cannot begin to express to you how wonderful the food has been. The portions are perfect, the food delightful. My taste buds are so pleased.
I am thrilled for the treat of your food to nourish my body this coming week.
Many thanks,
I initially contacted MotherBees in December 2012 for information about the food choices and specifically herbal chicken soups. Turns out that our baby came early and I emailed MotherBees from the hospital at around 4pm on a Friday for delivery service. I was a bit in a panic because the website states that orders take 48 hours to process. The owner, Heng Ou, was very responsive by email and setup delivery promptly for the very next day. She also offered that evening if necessary-- talk about going above and beyond! At 9am after the birth of my beautiful baby girl, I had herbal chicken soup, the congee, seaweed soup, and almond sesame milk delivered to the hospital. Growing up in a Chinese family, I know the importance of nourishment post-delivery and since my mother was unable to come until the next few days, MotherBees was the next best thing! I believe that the nourishing meals played a role in my abundant colostrum and quick milk production. This was important since my baby girl was mildly jaundiced. I highly recommend her services and would definitely order again.
I also told my mom what I ordered and she seems to think that the almond sesame milk had something to do with my abundant milk production, as she had very little milk. She also did not have someone prepare her nourishing meals...her mother and inlaw was not in the near vicinity at the time. In any case, I am glad that you offer this service!
“Thank you Heng. Your food was a tremendous support after my child was born. In that vulnerable and beautiful time MotherBees offered me so much healing and comfort. The food is not only heavenly delicious but is prepared the way I prepare food myself; with love. And of course all of the ingredients used supported the healing of my body after birth. The gift of having the service of loving and healing food prepared especially for me and delivered to my door gave me the opportunity to give all my love and attention to our newborn son and I know that is such a blessing. My husband also loved and appreciated the food very much.”
Anneli & Michael
"Thank you so much for your gift of food this morning. We missed you. We will enjoy every bite as it nourishes both our bodies, hearts and souls."
When Heng tried to explain MotherBees to me, it was late in my third trimester and I was somewhat foggy with "mommy brain". But soon after my baby was born, my husband came home bearing gifts of delicious, healing soups and tantilizing nut milks packaged in glass mason jars. It didn't take me long to understand exactly what she had meant; by then I had finished everything. I still crave her healing chicken soup and oat & acorn milk. I say once a mother, always a MotherBees!

The gift I received of MotherBees was exactly what I was craving - nourishing, healing food that is also absolutely delicious and made with love you can feel. The soups, salads and teas - I tried everything and loved it all. Thank you Heng for offering such an amazing service. Thanna
The best thing to come home to when you've just had a baby is the delicious nurturing meals from MotherBees! Everything is made with love and nowhere else will you find the incredibly delicious teas, nut milks, and soups that will help heal and nourish your body. I cannot rave enough about this food service- it is heaven! Thank you Heng for taking such good care of me for my 40 days!!!

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