How It Works

  1. Each week, you have the opportunity to personalize your meal delivery from a fresh, seasonal menu. Alternatively, you can opt for recommended meals based on your preferences, making it even easier for you.

  2. Once you confirm your order, you can leave the time, effort, and exhaustion of meal prep to us and focus on what you do best. Your meals will be taken care of.

  3. When your delivery arrives, simply place your meals in the fridge and enjoy the convenience, peace of mind, and ease of knowing that your next nutritious and delicious meal is ready and waiting. Just heat and eat!

  4. Subscribe for weekly deliveries to make your meal planning even more seamless.

Your meals are prepared by local chefs who use locally-sourced produce and sustainable ingredients. We prioritize the safety of your food as it travels from our kitchens to your doorstep.

Have specific dietary needs or preferences? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our handy sorting feature allows you to easily find meals that fit your requirements. As we get to know your likes and dislikes better, our recommendation engine will learn to fill your cart with meals we know you'll love. Who doesn't need a bit more ease and efficiency in their life?

Through our partnership with Territory Meals, MotherBees is able to bring you top-of-the-line ready-to-eat meals nationwide. We work with expert chefs, food safety professionals, and other suppliers to ensure the utmost quality and care in every meal.

Start your meal journey now and experience the care and love of MotherBees x Territory Meals today.

For more information, please review our FAQ here.

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