HERBAL HEALING: Four family-favorite remedies

In honor of the late Dr. Huang (Heng's grandmother Po-Po’s herbalist grandfather-in-law) and our deep respect for nature’s medicine, here are some of the MotherBees Team’s favorite healing supplements to add to your own pantry: 

Omega-3s: MotherBees Omegas are sourced from protected herring roe (eggs) which are designed by nature, focusing their support on mama and baby's brain, eye, and nervous system development. Herring Caviar Oil is a unique, DHA phospholipid oil extract from spring-spawning herring fish. Carefully extracted from fish eggs, the cradle of new life, these nutrients are available in their purest form. We are grateful to the Herring for passing on their nourishment to us in this powerfully nurturing form.

Probiotics: While science is just starting to scratch the surface on how gut health affects us holistically, one thing is for sure: probiotics are the key to whole health support. And did you know that the birth canal offers a baby's first exposure to the probiotics that will become their first helpful bacteria colony? Talk about something wonderful to pass down to a child!

Cuban Oregano Tincture: We’ve been on the farm where they grow the herbs at Kauai Farmacy, and saw people picking the oregano leaves for this incredible tincture. Containing notable amounts of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal constituents, Cuban Oregano fortifies the immune system and helps eradicate unwanted pathogens. It is simultaneously a defense and offense against colds, flu and infections. This tincture is your go-to when bodily balance is compromised or you’re just feeling dull.

Cool, Calm and Protected Tincture: ​​This tincture that was created by our friend Julie at In a Golden State to calm and ground our adrenal and nervous systems with the intention to help energetically sensitive people feel safe to fully bloom while creating healthy protective boundaries - with the support of these high vibrational botanicals. (Note that this is not recommended during pregnancy, but is wonderful afterward during recovery!)

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