The First Forty Days

The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother

It’s time to reclaim the postpartum experience. 

Inspired by global traditions of postpartum care, including the Chinese practice of zuo yuezi, or “sitting the month,” The First Forty days is a wise guide and trusted ally during the early months of motherhood—and beyond. Created by MotherBees founder Heng Ou, along with her co-authors Amely Greeven and Marisa Belger, the book demonstrates how preparation and awareness can transform the first forty days after the birth of a child into the foundation of decades of empowered mothering and vibrant wellbeing.

The book features 60 simple and delicious recipes formulated to support the unique needs of the new mother as well as guidance on essential emotional factors that influence the early months of motherhood including building your support team, navigating inevitable relationship challenges, and honoring the rites of passage that are pregnancy and birth.

As modern mothers are pushed to prematurely “bounce back” after delivering their babies, and often feel alone in facing the physical and emotional challenges of this radically new chapter of their lives, The First Forty Days is a lifeline; a source of connection, nourishment, and guidance. The bestselling guide has become required reading for expecting mothers around the world, is a staple on the bookshelves of midwives and doulas, and has been noted as an essential read in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Forbes and more.

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