We cannot get enough helping our communities.
Our WHY is because our American society as a whole is failing in health. We are challenged by our health care system from our doctors by ingesting too many toxifying pills and not asking enough questions to get to the core issue corrected. Placing band-aids over diseases and illnesses, with millions of Americans falling short with their personal health. 
40 million Americans deal with depression or a form of anxiety disorder, 1.25 million are living with Type 1 Diabetes, more than 30 million living with Type 2 Diabetes. Cancer rates are rising and so are auto-immune diseases taking over 24 million Americans. AND there are 805 million people in the world who are starving. We look at these numbers and say, WHY the heck not?
We hope more Americans would choose to eat more healthfully, eat lighter meals, finish eating earlier in the day, eat less sugars, bad carbs and starches. We hope that our American population will live longer, age slower, lose weight, take less prescription pills, demolish diseases and illnesses with preventative health care through eating healthfully, living with a lifestyle practice that is clean(er).
We do hope big and we also know there is a lot of people that are suffering quietly on their own living with limited resources, limited medical education and limited choices.
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