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Jar Safety, Storage & Cooking Recommendations

Jar Safety

With any canned, jarred, bottled containers, we recommend checking the lids first. If the lids arrive dented or bulged, if you press on the lids and it pops back up, or if you can pull off the inner lid with your fingers, do not consume the food and email us for a replacement. Do not consume if any leakages or glass breakages could occur during transportation. Jars are pressure sealed, and the lids are designed to be air-tight and flat to avoid air from getting into the jars. This goes for all jarred products, store-bought, etc. This is an old preserving system and perfectly safe to consume if what is listed above is not present.

Cooking Recommendations.

Soups and Broths

  • Do not freeze glass jars with the lids on as they will crack. Refrigeration suggested. 

  • Refrigeration: Good for up to 10 months unopened, see expiration date on the bottom of the jar. If opened, good for up to 10 days refrigerated. 

  • Jars are pressure sealed. The easiest way to open is to unscrew the outer rim and use the hook of a can opener to release the inner seal. You will hear a popping sound from the inner lid which is a good sign.

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