Gifting Meals

MotherBees Nourishment — The Perfect Gift for New Moms

Orders placed by Thursday midnight will be delivered the following week.

Planning ahead and gifting a new mom a delivery of our 6-Day MotherBees Nourishment meals is a thoughtful and practical way to support her during this special time. Here’s why it’s the perfect gift:

  • Convenience: With meals delivered right to her door, she can focus on bonding with her baby rather than worrying about meal prep.
  • Health & Wellness: Our meals are designed to nourish and support new moms, featuring high-quality, wholesome ingredients that are free from gluten, dairy, and inflammatory agents.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing she has delicious and nutritious meals ready to eat can reduce stress and allow her to enjoy this precious time with her newborn.

Plan Ahead

Gift her 6 nourishing meals, ensuring her first delivery is a welcome start to her new journey as a mom. It’s a gift that brings more peace and less worry, helping her start motherhood with ease.

To choose your own meals, go here.

Happy eating, and welcome to a new, easier life as a mom!

 For any questions, email us at

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