Health Benefits on Broth

Broths are a way to get back to the basics. Others may prefer supplemental pills. For us, it's a well-prepared, nourishing bowl of broth along with a balanced meal. In China, we believe both in the preventative and the curative power of broth. We would add medicinal herbs and roots to our daily thirst-quenching broths to make them into elixers for daily consumption. Preventative health-care is our driving force along with a good doctor by your side, when needed.

Our Beef Bone Broth and Chicken Tumeric Ginger Broth contains collagen, a lot of it. Collagen is a protein that contains amino acid that is needed as we age. Some bodies might age faster due to diet, lifestyle choices, inflammation, cancer cells, and digestion issues. 

There are over 28 different types of collagen. The connective tissue that is the glue that holds everything together.

There are 5 main ones that are listed here:
Type I, forms bones, it is the most abundant, forms scar tissue, teeth, skin and arteries 

Type 2, joint surfaces and cartilages 

Type 3, collagen around the liver, it is more delicate. It is in bone marrow and lymph nodes

Type 4, respiratory tract, lungs, bronchial tubes, tissues around the heart, tissues around the intestines

Type 5, forms hair and the cell surfaces

If you are Vitamin C deficient, you will not be able to metabolize collagen well. It is important to ingest natural Vitamin C from whole foods. If you have low stomach acids, you can't digest the collagen well either. You will know if you low stomach acids if you have gas, low iron count, indigestion, B12 deficiency, or acid reflux. 

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