New Mama Box | Gift

Our carefully curated packages ensure that you or your loved one gets treated with care in the tender time after birth. Replete with meals, medicinal broths and probiotic drinks to replenish your reserves, every ingredient serves a purpose helping the body rebuild energy, replenish lost nutrients, and supporting the production of breast milk.

A weekly delivery of a MotherBees – New Mama Box ensures you are well taken care of, so you can rest, recover, and nourish your family, better. 

New Mama Box | Gift

MotherBees Bowls, 2 x 20 oz
Chicken Jujube Broth, 1 x 30 oz

Shiitake Kombu Broth, 1 x 30 oz
Probiotic Immune Drink - Lemon Ginger, 1 x 12 oz
Cardamom Rose Energy Balls


Shipments go out on Mondays and Wednesdays for 1-2 day shipping