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The First Forty Days Bundle_LA

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The First Forty Days is our specialty, and we love honoring the new mom the best that we can. For us, it's all about voicing self and being heard, the support, and the community. Sprinkling in warm, soft, comforting, and replenishing food.
What's included:
• 2 collagen & mineral-rich bone broths
• 2 nourishing soups (bone broth base)
• 1 warming kitchari (protein-rich, bioavailability of vitamins, easy to digest)
• 2 porridges (soaked overnight, prebiotics)
• 2 kefir waters (electrolytes, probiotics)
• 2 jujube teas (antioxidants, vitamin c)
• 3 energy bars (prebiotics, vegan, gluten-free)
• 1 pure coconut cream (nourishing metabolism, nutrients, healthy fats)
*Plant/Meat Base: contains bone broth, bovine, and healthy animal fats for the extra benefits needed to help with healing & restoration. There just won't be any meat pieces. 

Transparency + Sanitation + Delivery
Storing & Cooking Instructions
Ingredients Glossary

NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot adjust our food and drinks to accommodate food allergies. Each ingredient is consciously chosen to maximize nutrition and taste. 

MotherBees is produced in a facility that also processes peanuts.

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