Mama’s Gift Bundle

Mama’s Gift Bundle

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Mama’s Gift Bundle

The perfect gift for a newly pregnant or postpartum mama! We curated this set to satiate her hunger, nourish her deeply, enhance her mind power and energetic soul, and build internal glow. Make her self-care simple, effective, and deeply satisfying when she needs it most.

Self-love starts with self-care. Give the gift of self-love today! 

Enhance this gift (and her gratitude) by including MB Meals, here.

Mama’s Gift Bundle includes:
Chewy Juju Bites
Jujubes Pouch
Caviar Mama Omegas
Munchies Snack Bars
Joyous Glow Moisturizer
‘Quiet, Please’ Door Hanger

Chewy Juju Bites - Double the size of our jujubes, these bigger bites make for a lightly sweet, delightfully chewy snack. Our Chewy Juju Bites are a natural powerhouse of Vitamin C for immunity, and antioxidants that help relax the body. Organically grown under our California sunshine and naturally sun-dried, these treats are sure to please your palate. But, be mindful when you bite — like an unpitted olive, there's a hard seed in the middle of these satisfying sweets. 

Caviar Mama Omegas - Our high-quality Omegas are crucial for a mom’s wellness and to support her growing baby's digestion, gut, heart, immune system, and brain health during pregnancy. Omega supplements boast benefits for all ages and stages, but they're especially important during conception, pregnancy, and postpartum periods. Sourced from MSC-Certified Norwegian Fisheries, our Omegas are a naturally-derived and excellent source of DHA, EPA, Choline, and Antioxidants.

Munchies Snack Bars - We've designed handy, portable, and delicious Snack Bars to help satiate a mama between her healthy meals. These bars pack a nutritional punch, and are lovingly made with whole ingredients — pressed, and packed here in Los Angeles. Make sure you don't eat all 6 in one sitting!

Joyous Glow Moisturizer - Made with love, this naturally-derived glow moisturizer makes your skin-care self-care nourished and replenished, with a joyous glow. Think of it as food for your skin! To use: apply a thin layer to clean skin in the morning, evening, and anytime your skin craves a hydrating boost!

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