Storing & Cooking Instructions

Storing & Cooking Instructions:

Soups and Broths

  • Do not freeze glass jars as they will break. Refrigeration suggested. 

  • Refrigeration: Good for up to 10 months unopened, see expiration date on the bottom of the jar. If opened, good for up to 10 days refrigerated. 

  • Jars are pressure sealed. The easiest way to open is to unscrew the lid rim and use a bottle opener to release the seal.

Kitchari and Savory Porridges

  • Keep frozen until ready to consume.

  • Reheating: 

    • Pan: Heat pan over medium heat and add your kitchari or porridge with a little oil or broth. 

    • Oven: Heat oven to 350°F, remove lids, place jars on rack, and warm for approximately 10 minutes.

Coconut Cream

  • Keep frozen or defrost and consume within 5 days. Feel free to refreeze without issue. Once defrosted, eat as is, or add to soups & sauces for a nutritious boost.

Energy Bars

  • Keep refrigerated for a week or keep in the freezer for up to a month. Defrost for 10 minutes before consuming.

Kefir Waters, Tonics, Teas

  • Keep refrigerated until ready to consume. Best to drink within the week. 

  • Do not shake kefir waters.

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