All of our dishes and drinks are inspired by the tenets of Chinese Medicine. Every ingredient serves a purpose helping the body rebuild energy, replenish lost nutrients, and support the production of breast milk. In the first tender weeks after birth nutrient-rich foods play a key role in encouraging a mother’s physical and emotional recovery, leading to increased peace, confidence, and joy. As her children grow and the pace of life picks up, restorative meals can be a mother’s lifeline, helping her to navigate the inevitable challenges and fatigue of parenting.

Note: We can only work with severe allergy requests and cannot cater our menu to each individual's likings and dislikes. We use organic, pasture raised meat protein (beef, chicken, eggs). As much as possible we also use organic herbs, veggies, mushrooms, gluten-free grains, and nuts. We DO NOT use gluten, MSG, refined sugars, artificial flavorings, and GMO ingredients.

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