Meet a Healer: Monica Zaghi - Transformation Guide

Nowruz - Persian New Year
Nowruz is a 3,000 year old tradition celebrating light and renewal on the first 13 days of the Spring Equinox. These celebrations center around gathering, nature, and traditional foods. Each household creates an elaborate altar (haft-sin) displaying 7 symbolic items, some of which include: fresh greens for rebirth, apples for health, dried lotus fruit for love, and garlic for self-care or medicine.
My earliest memories of Nowruz include joyously cleansing the home in preparation of new beginnings, while the aroma of my grandmother’s asheh reshteh (Persian noodle soup) filled the air. Prior to the equinox, we celebrate Chaharshanbeh Soori by jumping over a small fire to cleanse all negativity from the previous year. The festivities end with Sizdah Bedar, a day for honoring nature with the community, picnic-style. This intentionality of renewal, cleansing and bringing in the light have become a sacred part of my life and offerings.
Monica Zaghi
Transformation guide
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