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MotherBees Experiences

MotherBees Experiences


Living the First Forty Days & Beyond

a 12-week virtual experience with Heng Ou and Marisa Belger

You Deserve a Profound Postpartum Experience
September 2023

Living the First Forty Days & Beyond

a 12-week virtual experience with Heng Ou and Marisa Belger

You Deserve a Profound Postpartum Experience
September 2023

Living the First Forty Days & Beyond

a 12-week virtual experience with Heng and Marisa

You Deserve a Profound Postpartum Experience
September 2023

Create a Heart-Centered Postpartum Period | Activate Your Intuition | Celebrate Your Divine Creative Power | Establish Loving Boundaries | Design a Solid Support System

When you become a mother there is no going back—only through.

In this 12-week experience you’ll join Heng and Marisa as they guide you through the key elements of creating an enlivened postpartum experience. For the first time, the authors and motherhood experts are bringing their vast experience in maternal support and personal development to a select group of mothers and mothers-to-be. Living the First Forty Days offers profound tools and practices designed to guide you through the gateway of the first forty days and throughout the arc of motherhood.

With the 5 Insights of The First Forty Days as a framework, Heng and Marisa will teach you how to hear the whispers of your intuition and build a firm foundation of self-trust and inner knowing—essential tools that will carry you through the initiation of birth, through the gateway of motherhood, and into decades of fortified and uplifted mothering.

Enrollment in Living the First Forty Days includes two private support sessions with Heng and Marisa.

What's Included

An intimate container of women on the journey of motherhood, led by MotherBees founder Heng Ou and motherhood coach Marisa Belger — co-authors of "The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother.

Weekly group calls with Heng and Marisa — hosted on Zoom — where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, explore tools and practices, workshop challenges, and connect with a small vibrant community of moms and moms-to-be. Calls are scheduled every Tuesday from September 19, 2023, through December 5, 2023. Each session starts at 11 am PST and runs for 90 minutes.

**Two private support sessions with Heng and Marisa. One to kick-start your journey and another to integrate our time together (we will meet on Zoom).

Access to a private, vibrant WhatsApp thread where you can show up vulnerably and immerse yourself in a supportive sisterhood.

Praise for The First Forty Days


The First Forty Days has become required reading for expecting mothers around the world and is a staple on the bookshelves of midwives and doulas. The bestselling guide offers a modern approach to the ancient art of dedicated postpartum care and has been noted as an essential read in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Forbes and more.
The authors address womanhood and mothering in a beautiful, empowering way and provide so many ways that you can care for yourself postpartum no matter what your family unit or maternity leave looks like.


This book saved me! It gave me peace in the last sensitive days of my pregnancy knowing I was in good hands with knowledge and guidance to support me after birth.


This book changed my entire postpartum experience and life for the better. I give it to every expectant mother, grandmother, or friend-of-expecting-mother I know.


Our Journey Together

Weeks 1 - 4: Optimize the power of postpartum: spark your intuition & fortify self trust
Cultures worldwide recognize the rejuvenating power of the postpartum period, viewing it as a pivotal step into the next phase of womanhood. After 12 weeks with us, you will, too! In our initial time together, we'll delve into the 5 insights of The First Forty Days. You’ll learn to see the postpartum period as a crucial life chapter that paves the way for supported mothering and robust reproductive health. We'll explore practices to boost self-trust and spark your intuition, setting you up for a postpartum experience that’s uplifting and nurturing. 

Weeks 5 - 8: Design a postpartum experience that’s right for you: turn on your Internal Guidance System & honor your needs
Everything you need for a nurturing postpartum period is already inside you. In our next phase together, we'll explore the 7 key factors influencing postpartum and you'll discover how to tap into your Internal Guidance System (IGS is the original GPS!), guiding you and your baby's needs in real-time. 

Weeks 9 - 12: Integrate the essentials: master the building blocks of a revitalizing postpartum period
In our concluding weeks, we'll sink into the 5 Insights of The First Forty Days: rest, ritual, retreat, warmth, and support. With your self-trust and IGS in full gear, you'll master the postpartum essentials. You'll learn to assemble a support team, nourish yourself effectively, and cherish yourself with simple rituals and tender acts of kindness.

Living the First Forty Days & Beyond

Living the First Forty Days supports women at all stages of motherhood, from aspiring to pregnant to postpartum. This experience will help you build self trust and center self-care, offering wisdom that will hold you throughout your lifetime.

Living the First Forty Days is for you if

  • You recognize the power of the postpartum experience in influencing your long-term health and vitality but are unsure how to give yourself the care you deserve.
  • You skipped postpartum care after the birth of your other children and are now ready to offer yourself the profound reset of The First Forty Days.
  • The motherhood journey has felt lonely and overwhelming, and you're ready for guidance and connection.

Your Guides

Heng and Marisa are passionate advocates for all mothers and believe birth and postpartum have the potential to transform your life. Together they are co-authors of The First Forty Days, Awakening Fertility, and Nine Golden Months (along with their treasured collaborator, Amely Greeven).

Heng is founder of MotherBees, a global hive of connection, inspiration, and nourishment for women and their families. Marisa is a writer, motherhood coach, and group facilitator who believes firmly in the wisdom of women.


What is the time commitment for Living the First Forty Days?

We will be gathering every Tuesday (LA/Pacific Time Zone) beginning September 19, 2023. Live calls will be approximately 90 minutes (which will fly by!). Sessions are supported by customized practices that can be easily folded into your life. This is homework that you’ll actually want to do, never adding stress or busyness to your already full schedule! More details will be shared upon enrollment.

Can I join Living the First Forty Days if I’m past 40 days postpartum?

Yes, yes, and more yes! It can take two years or more to move fully through the postpartum period and the tools and practices you’ll learn are designed to be implemented throughout the arc of motherhood.

Can I join Living the First Forty Days if I’m not expecting, or if I don’t have children?

Absolutely! Living the First Forty Days is open to any woman interested in diving into the profound practices and wisdom surrounding the postpartum period. A nurturing postpartum experience begins waaaaay before baby arrives—you’ll be ahead of the game!
Do I have to attend every online gathering?
A big part of the magic of this experience unfolds when we gather together—and we understand that life happens. If you can’t make a live call you can easily tune in later. The videos in this experience are meant to be watched sometime during the week—you’ll get a recording of each session within 24 hours of the call.
What’s the cost of this experience?
The total cost for Living the First Forty Days & Beyond is $1,488.00.

This includes:
• 2 private support sessions with Heng and Marisa
• Tools and practices to help you design an empowered postpartum experience
• 12 live gatherings facilitated by Heng and Marisa
• 24/7 WhatsApp community support so you are never alone

A deposit of $500 is required to secure your spot. Further details will be provided upon acceptance.
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