Ingredients We Love Using

KOJI - Japanese
Koji is a naturally occurring culture used in Japan to ferment rice and soya into delicious foods like soy sauce, miso, sake, mirin, rice vinegar and pickles. Fermentation is the oldest culinary practice in many traditional cultures.

MISO - Japanese
Miso is created by soy beans fermented with koji. Known to be one of the world's healthiest foods, this salty, umami food contains phytonutrient antioxidants including phenolic acid, vanillic, coumaric, ferulic and kojic acid. * Please note: Soy is not considered healthy unless it is fermented.

SAKE - Japanese
When koji breaks down the starches in fermented rice into sugar, the yeast gives off carbon dioxide and alcohol, and magical sake is created. Without koji, sake is not possible. Japanese sake contains many health benefits including blood circulation and balancing good cholesterol. We use a small amount of sake and the alcohol burns off during the cooking process.

AMAZAKE - Japanese
An amazing fermented probiotic rice drink also made from koji, amazake is packed with amino acids (ghatamine, arginine and systeine) and consists of an abundance of probiotics and prebiotics. It is loaded with kojic acid that contains antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Japanese babies take a small amount as baby food too.

JUJUBE FRUIT- Organically grown in California
Used medicinally for centuries in most Asian cultures, there are numerous benefits to eating, drinking, snacking on these fruits, also known as Red Date or Jujube Date. Rich in Vitamin C and minerals to help aid with sleep, glowing skin, blood circulation, blood pressure, bone strength, soothing anxiety, and helping with constipation relief.