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The First Forty Days – Postpartum Essentials

The First Forty Days are Pivotal
For the first two weeks after birth, moms and their partners need help, a lot of it. Actually, the first 40 days many moms need time to rest and recover however way this may look. We should know—we wrote a book, The First Forty Days, chronicling this special time of necessary restoration. Our pregnancy and postpartum meal kit delivery means you get to spend more time resting and recovering.

- After your baby's birth start with The First Forty Days – Postpartum Essentials
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Weekly Postpartum Essentials Vegetarian Menu (16 oz or 32 oz glass jars)
7 Plant Base Soups
• 3 x Seaweed Soup
• 2 x Kabocha Squash, Red Lentil, Coconut Soup
• 2 x Red Beet, Cumin, Red Lentil, Turmeric Soup

7 Herbal Teas
• 3 x Red Date Tea
• 2 x Oat Cinnamon Ginger Tea
• 2 x Red Date, Longan, Motherwort Tea

7 Porridges
• 3 x Apple, Cardamom, Pumpkin Seed, Porridge
• 2 x Pumpkin, Ginger, Goji Porridge
• 2 x Spinach, Dandelion, Mung Bean Congee

The First Forty Days – Postpartum Essentials are:
• Gluten-Free • Nut-Free • Processed Sugar-Free • No Artificial Flavoring • Soy-Free • No Shellfish
• Minimal salt
• Using avocado oil • sesame oil • olive oil • ghee
• Clean & simple organic foods