Chewy Juju Bites, 4 Pack

Chewy Juju Bites, 4 Pack

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Our Chewy Juju Bites are nature's candy. Double the size of our jujubes, these bigger bites make for a lightly sweet, delightfully chewy, easily portable snack. 

Organically grown under our California sunshine and naturally sun-dried, these treats are sure to please your palate. 

Thanks to their high fiber content, jujubes satisfy a sweet tooth with less of a glycemic spike than traditional candies — all the better for your blood sugar! 

But, be mindful when you bite — like an unpitted olive, there's a hard seed in the middle of these satisfying sweets.

Rich in:
Antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, minerals, dietary fiber, and flavor

Assists in:
Digestion, immunity support, circulation, anxiety relief, restful sleep, glowing skin

Avoid the pit. 
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