6-Pack Variety Broths

6-Pack Variety Broths

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Broth is a timeless healer. A staple of the MotherBees kitchen, this “liquid gold” is prized in nourishing traditions as a key player in boosting blood and restoring adrenal function (translation: broth supports sustained energy and helps to combat fatigue). 

Handcrafted bone broth, made by cooking bones for hours and hours, will flood your body with a host of minerals in ultra-absorbable form—essential for every activity in the body—and lots of gelatin, which boosts collagen, a key ally in lifelong beauty, supporting great hair, skin, and nails. Bone broth is easy on the digestive tract and promotes healthy elimination, delivers natural electrolytes, and helps wounds recover, especially useful in the early days after birth. We like to keep a stash of bone broth in our freezer at all times, whatever the life path we are on! Broths also form the base of delicious soups, of course, but a simple, steaming mug is also an anytime pick-me-up (add a splash of Bragg’s or a squeeze of fresh lemon).

6-Pack VARIETY FROZEN BROTHS (22oz each)
2 x Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth
2 x Hearth Bone Broth
2 x Seaweed & Mushroom Broth

Organic Chicken Bone Broth - *grass-fed beef, *onion, *carrot, *celery, sea salt, *lemon juice, *tomato paste, sea salt, *black peppercorn, *bay leaf *organic

Hearth Bone Broth - *chicken bones and feet, *beef bones, *turkey bones, *onion, *carrot, *celery, *tomato paste, sea salt, *peppercorn, *bay leaf *organic

Seaweed & Mushroom Broth - *onion, * carrot, *celery, shiitake mushrooms, *tomato paste, dried kelp, sea salt



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