MotherBees (SoCal Delivery)

NOURISHMENT DELIVERED Eating right from the start will set you up for a lifetime of healthy and vibrant parenting. The First Forty Days food delivery plan is designed to nourish brand new mothers and their families—and to support them as they grow.

Produced in: Los Angeles
Organic: yes
Available in: Southern California cities

Local deliveries: yes

Benefits: new moms, new partners, pregnant women, couples in conception journey, immune health, whole body wellness

The foods and drinks in the STARTER and SAMPLE delivery support:

  • Hormone balance

  • Circulation support

  • Digestion health

  • Balanced mood

  • Reproductive health

  • Immunity support

  • Lactation (quantity and quality) 

  • More time to bond with baby, rest and recover

What’s in each delivery?
We are dedicated to giving you the best foods and drinks. Our ingredients are sourced from organic farms whenever possible—each delivery contains nutrient dense items designed to support your life. We highlight anti-inflammatory foods, natural probiotics, natural collagen, and wild-crafted fermentations. 

In each STARTER you’ll find:
2 Protein Entrees
1 Seasoned Bone Broth, 30oz
1 Nourishing Soup, 30oz
1 Tonic, 15oz
2 Overnight Oats, 8oz
1 Souffle, 8oz
2 Protein Bars
1 Collagen Gummies
1 Chocolate Pudding or Pane Cotta, 4oz
2 Probiotic Fermented Drinks, 12oz
1 Jujube Tea, 12oz

In each SAMPLE you’ll find:
1 Seasoned Bone Broth, 30oz
1 Nourishing Soup, 30oz
1 Savory Overnight Oat, 8oz
1 Protein Bars
1 Jujube Tea, 12oz

I’m interested in delicious nourishment! What’s the next step? 

  • Choose between a STARTER and SAMPLE delivery

  • Choose between Meat Base and Plant Base (some items will contain bone broth for the extra benefits needed to help with healing & restoration)

  • Order by Sunday, 12AM, PST

  • Deliveries on Tuesdays between 9PM-6AM

  • We can send you a text once the food is delivered (optional)

  • Refrigerate all items when you receive them 

  • Place bags, ice packs, and glass jars outside for pick up (we’ll swoop them on your next scheduled delivery.)

  • Please ask us any questions! 

NOTE: Unfortunately we are unable to adjust our foods and drinks to fit allergies or specific preferences. Each ingredient is consciously chosen to maximize nutrition—and taste. Please review each ingredient list carefully before purchasing. Thank you! 

Cancellation Policy
Good food takes time to prepare. If you need to cancel your order please do so 72 hours before your scheduled delivery date. Cancellations will not be honored less than 72 hours before start date. To cancel, email info(@) by midnight, 72 hours before your next delivery date.

Delivering Instructions
Delivery is Available in Southern California Only (Los Angeles to San Diego)

  • If you won’t be home for delivery, we can leave your items for you (we recommend a large cooler left in a safe location)

  • Please refrigerate your items upon receiving 

  • Please leave empty containers in the same spot as delivery, so our drivers will know where to pick them up

  • In order for our driver to leave your order in a safe spot, we will need a gate code, community entry code, or a special spot to leave your order.

Our Sample Menu:

Seasoned Chicken Broth 

Root Chakra Soup

Nourishing Beef Soup

Beet Kavass Tonic

Pineapple Probiotic Kefir

Jujube Ginger Tea

Overnight Oats

Carrot Souffle

Cashew Cheese

Cacao Pudding

Protein Bars

Citrus Collagen Gummies

Nutrient Dense Meals