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The First Forty Days Bundle_LA

The First Forty Days Bundle_LA

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The First Forty Days is our specialty, and we love honoring the new mom the best that we can. For us, it's all about voicing self and being heard, support, and community—sprinkling in warm, soft, comforting, and replenishing food.

Our products are sourced from non-GMO, dairy-free, locally sourced ingredients including organic herbs, organic bones, gluten-free grains, with no refined sugar. Jars contain bone broth that's cooked over 24 hours with healthy animal fats for extra nourishing benefits for healing and restoration.

Best to keep jars in a cool location or refrigerated. Do not freeze jars with the lids on.

This bundle is only available for our local deliveries here in Los Angeles, California. If you live on the outskirts of LA, please order from our National Shipping Products.

The First Forty Days Bundle_LA
2 Collagen & Mineral-Rich Bone Broths
2 Nourishing Soups (with bone broth base)
1 Warming Kitchari (protein-rich, bioavailable vitamins, easy to digest)
2 Porridges (soaked overnight, prebiotics)
4 Kkefir Waters (electrolytes, probiotics)
3 Energy Bars (prebiotics, gluten-free)
1 Pure Coconut Cream (nourishes metabolism, nutrients, healthy fats)

4 Porridges + 2 Broths + 2 Soups
2 Porridges (soaked overnight, prebiotics)
2 Collagen & Mineral-Rich Bone Broths
2 Nourishing Soups (with bone broth base)

10 Energy Bars + 10 Kefir Waters
10 Energy Bars (prebiotics, gluten-free)
10 Kefir Waters (electrolytes, probiotics)


Minimal heating of broths, soups, and porridges. Try adding your favorite greens, eggs, or noodles, and a squeeze of lemon juice into the broths.

Nut Facility
MotherBees is produced in a facility that also processes peanuts.

Ingredients Glossary 

Jar Safety, Storing, and Cooking Recommendations

Transparency, Sanitation, and Delivery


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