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Pregnancy Bundle_LA

Pregnancy Bundle_LA

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Exciting you are pregnant! With all that is going on in your body, the Pregnancy Bundle is a beautiful foundation for your and your baby's well-being. This bundle focuses on hydration, replenishing digestion with probiotics and gelatin, blood rebuilding; all with no refined sugars.
What's included:
• 2 gelatin & mineral-rich bone broth
• 1 nourishing soup (bone broth base)
• 1 pure coconut cream (nourishing metabolism, nutrients, healthy fats)
• 1 collagen jello (fortifying the gut, extra gelatin)

*Broth: Good for ten months in the dry pantry, unopened. 7-10 days after opened, keep refrigerated. Bone broth glass jars are NOT freezable.
*Plant/Meat Base: contains bone broth, bovine, and healthy animal fats for the extra benefits needed to help with healing & restoration. There just won't be any meat pieces. 

Ingredient Glossary
Suggested Companion: Mama Omega-3s
NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot adjust our foods and drinks to fit allergies or specific preferences. Each ingredient is consciously chosen to maximize nutrition–and taste. 

Plant Base (some items will contain bone broth for the extra benefits needed to help with healing & restoration)
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