Greetings all, I wanted to say hello, as this is the first letter I am sending out into your inbox. Some of you are new, and many have been with me from the beginning. I want to thank you for your patience as by now; your little ones are walking, talking, running, and hopefully teaching you all sorts of life lessons.

As we enter into fall, the holiday season, and end of year reflections, I’ve been pondering how and why we carry old traditions on. Asking myself if they still align with who I am today and with the world I want to create for our future generations. 

Thanksgiving, to me, is a communal celebration. It is about coming together, welcoming friends a seat at the table to share a moment in time with. It is one of my favorite meals to share. For me, it is the combination of flavors, texture, smells, colors, community sweat, laughter, and tears that form the meal, which reminds me to give a pause, a breath of gratitude before enjoying the first bite together. Thankful for our past and all the bright stars aligned to help form and shape us today, including the good, bad, and ugly. 

If we truly understand why this day, Thanksgiving was created, why the words, thanks, and giving came together as one, then we can honor how this day came to be, as this day sets the example for all future experiences. Everything we are today was created from our past, our ancestors, and for them, I am thankful. And for all who buried their voice, that struggled to provide a better life for future generations, thank you also.

As 2020 slowed us down and allowed us to go within and ponder who we are and what is really important. Only you know what is right for you. You can impart this knowledge onto your kids, who will do with it what they will. And you can carry on the legacies of the elders wisdom, imparting it with your own, creating new traditions, that will also be carried on, but with new intentions. And in every moment of the day, not just New Years, you get to choose, either big, small, or both, creating your small moments with the people you care about, starting now. Take a deep breath and ask yourself how do I want to feel today from now moving forward?

Trust your body, trust your kindness, stay curious, and trust your power. 

With deep gratitude from my family to yours, enjoy your meal(s) with your family no matter where you are in the world. And if you are fortunate with more food than you can consume, give some to others in an act of kindness. 

Much love,

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