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Meet a Radionics Expert: Q&A with John Nauss

Meet a Radionics Expert: Q&A with John Nauss

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Meet a Radionics Expert: Q&A with John Nauss

What is your profession?
I am a semi-retired Doctor of Natural Medicine in practice since 1980.

How can our audience contact you? (take note of .ca and not .com)

How did you discover your passion for the healing arts, and how did you get involved in complementary health care?
I was diagnosed with Emphysema in 1977 and was told my demise and death would be about seven years later—but I motivated myself and found help. There wasn’t much around in those days, but I received guidance from several sources, found a way forward, and cleared my lungs.

Can you share a story of when you dealt with a challenging case, and experienced extraordinary results, using one of the alternative healing practices you employ?
I have many miracle cases. In one case my former secretary, who was pregnant, had a session with me and I couldn’t sense the baby very strongly. I asked her questions, and she said that she had a dream and didn’t think the fetus was healthy. A few days later I got a phone call that she had been admitted to a hospital and had to induce labor. The fetus was about five months old, and when it passed it showed obvious deformities. The afterbirth was stuck to the uterus walls and the mother was showing signs of toxicity. The surgeon was reluctant to do an operation because it might destroy her womb and cause a lot of bleeding that they couldn’t stop.

When I got the call, I started to work on her with radionics in an effort to expel the afterbirth. Within an hour after the session, I got a call and learned that it worked. That impressed the staff and me. She was very thankful and mentioned that, during the process, she felt as if I were right there in the operating theatre doing the guiding.

What would you say to someone who’s curious about radionics, homeopathy, and naturopathic work?
I would say to learn as much as you can about it and incorporate the principles into your own life. It’s about raising your consciousness and moving outside the box, so to speak. Healing is about energy, frequency and vibration.

What is your favorite self-care method?
Diet, homeopathy, massage, meditation.

What holistic remedy do you recommend frequently, that most people can benefit from?
I recommend the Linus Pauling method of taking Vitamin C, a variety of raw fermented foods, and supplements according to your condition for support.

What are some of the most common issues you treat / that people request help with?
Every issue is individual, it’s A to Z really. People come with lists and intentions, and from there we help them clarify a way forward for them in their health.

What would you say to skeptics?
Skepticism is an “ism” and as most isms go, it’s from the left brain—the ego—so I consider it not useful. Skeptics usually have an agenda to push—those are pseudo-skeptics—but mostly, being skeptical is a defense mechanism to maintain our comfort zones. If someone is skeptical, I consider if it’s rising from a genuine reason or one to stir up derision.

If all you know is conventional methods, then you need to be open to how holistic healing actually works, or any form of healing works. Energetic methods work with a whole-brain concept, treating the left and right sides of the brain in tandem. It’s like we are a two-headed monster and we’ve got to get both heads going in the same direction.

A piece of advice for budding alternative care practitioners?
We are on the leading edge regards healing and care. Complementary care teaches us how to align to our true source and who we really are.

There are constant breakthroughs happening with regard to the emphasis on allowing energy, frequency, and vibration to work in harmony with each other. My techniques satisfy a left-brain construct so that we can raise our consciousness and allow healing to enter our left-brained world.

Every practitioner should know how to meditate, and I mean a simple meditation that tunes you into Source. Remember, it’s about energy, frequency, and vibration.

How does alternative medicine work alongside conventional medicine?
Conventional medicine is relatively modern and very left-brain, using the intellect of the ego. 

Now we are more aware of our energy, frequency, and vibration, and we can make a difference in the way we heal, and often it can be miraculous. Science has taken over the dogma of the past and has now become very dogmatic in its attitude. And this has leaked out into society. 

Mainstream medicine is concerned with three areas: intervention, prevention, and long-term care. Acute care, or intervention, is where current medicine excels. It sucks at prevention and long-term care—however, if you partner it with holistic principles, you have a winning team. And it needs to be both because both can make us whole in our quest for better health on all levels. 

Considering complementary medicine is not a cure-all, what other daily lifestyle tips do you recommend that can enhance the healing experience?
Anything that brings you closer to nature. And having a method that helps you tune in to your needs and shift your limiting beliefs, and above all—realizing it’s simple. Our bodies and lives are meant to be unified and whole.

When one gives permission for you to work on them, what does that involve?
Permission is like being invited into your life, it’s like opening the doorway to more understanding. For a moment, the client—a seeker—gets to transcend or raise their vibration during the session to bring in more healing.

What holds people back from exploring complementary care? Why do people choose to live with chronic pain and fear trying something different that might relieve their pain for good?
Because the way that science and technology are presented to them, ingrained and programmed into them, creates limiting and false beliefs that conventional medicine is a better way. If they don’t explore both sides, they probably will suffer until they find the answers. Shift the belief.

Radionics offers immediate relief for people, but how does it work when you are in another city, state, or even country?
Yes, distant healing is one of its best talents, if you will. On deep inner levels, there is no distance and everything is present. It’s quantum in nature, holographic, and can bridge many gaps. Once bridged, the client is in control.

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